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Commercial Roofing

Protecting Your Business Is Our Goal

Your commercial business roof means everything.  It keeps expensive equipment dry, employees dry and safe and can even help lower energy costs.  At Heritage Roofing Solutions, roofing is everything!

What Makes Our CompanyDifferent & Better?



While we’re definitely not the biggest commercial roofing company in Indiana, we’ve covered more commercial roofs than companies twice our size.



Roofing is what we know and what we do.  Our craftsmanship has been handed down through generations.



Because we’ve done a wide variety of commercial roofing projects, we know and own the equipment necessary to get the job done right.



We firmly believe the pricing we offer for our roofing projects is fairly priced.  We develop this pricing from a thorough inspection and evaluation of your roofing project.

Conklin Spray On Commercial Roof

Keeping Businesses

Dry & Operational


Keeping your business dry is imperative to efficient operations.  Leaks on expensive equipment or in office areas cause disruption in your business and leads to potential dangers and more costs than just the roof repair.

It’s through the years of roofing experience that the Heritage Roofing name has become well known in the roofing business.  There is no style of commercial roof that we have not had experience in repairing or replacing.  From membrane roofing to spray roofing systems – we have what’s necessary to keep you dry and operational.

Does your Roof Leak?

If this has what your commercial roof looks like, call us for help right away!

People Always Seem to Be Glad When the leaks stop coming through their roofs!

My company is located in a small commercial office building, inhabited by just a handful of businesses. So when the big storm happened, we were all shocked to see the roof being broken and leaking. But thanks to an emergency roof repairing service…
Boris Johnson
- June 10, 2016
After a recent hurricane coming from the Pacifics, my cottage’s rooftop was quite literally blown away! Whenever I tried to call other specialists, they told me humongous numbers as a price of repair works or promised a way too long schedule…
Theresa May
- June 14, 2016